Developing Innovative Opportunities for Students

Gompers Private School

Gompers Private School (GPS) provides a customized academic and life skill education for children with multiple disabilities including: Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), Emotional Disabilities and Intellectual Disabilities. Our instructional program uses research based instructional methods, supported by Assistive Technology and community based instruction, and offers the potential for post-graduation transition into employment training or a Day Training for Adults program.

We Accept ESA Students

If your child qualifies for the Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) program and you are interested in immersing your child in a quality curriculum based off of an individualized approach, assistive technology, community-based instruction and plans to transition to adulthood, then Gompers Private School will make a great fit for you.

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Our programming is built on a strong foundation of Four Pillars

Research Based Curriculum

GPS students are provided with a variety of resources adapted to support direct instruction utilizing Unique Learning Systems®, a comprehensive and multi level Web based educational system. Based on the student’s abilities, an individualized curriculum is created to meet desired educational outcomes. Classroom learning takes place in a structured environment designed to increase independence, where a highly-trained staff offer continuous reinforcement using a Structured Teaching Model (STM).

Assistive Technology

With a strong focus on increased communication and independence, our Assistive Technology (AT) Specialist ensures that our students and staff have the resources, training and support to enhance learning opportunities. Using a collaborative team approach responsible for assessing how technology can help overcome barriers and lead to success in reaching educational goals, GPS provides technological supports that empower our students to learn, read, use the computer and interact successfully with others.

Community-Based Instruction

Community based instruction provides students safe opportunities to increase confidence, practice appropriate behavior and grow more independent. It also allows the community to become more inclusive of people with disabilities. For example, community based instruction allows students to experience real life settings such as public transportation, grocery shopping, visiting museums and most importantly learning safety out in the community.

Transitioning Into Adulthood

Planning for transition to adulthood is essential for students entering high school. Our staff assesses each student’s strengths and abilities to ensure the highest possible level of independence. Students are able to practice employment skills by using a variety of visual and technical strategies within a Structured Teaching Method (STM). Adaptive and instructional skills are assessed throughout the academic year to ensure that each student has a post-high school transition plan.

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Arizona Capitol Times: Empowerment scholarships alternative in ‘covirtual’ reality

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Goodyear Independent: Gompers Private School Honors 8th Grader with Drive-By Graduation Celebration

Gompers Private School recently celebrated the 8th grade graduation of one of our students, Breena. We are proud of her for overcoming obstacles with virtual learning with the help of her teacher, Ms. Jasmyn. To read more about how Ms. Jasymn worked with Breena to help her enjoy virtual learning, read the full Goodyear Independent […]