Outstanding Educator Award Winner Luz Rodriguez!

Gompers Private School is thrilled to announce that Luz Rodriguez, special education teacher, and transition specialist, was named Phoenix Mayor’s Commission on Disability Issues Outstanding Educator for 2017. This recognition highlights Ms. Rodriguez’s years of services in the classroom and in the community working for Phoenix District 7. Luz is a phenomenal teacher who believes her students can achieve anything with the right support and assistance. In the classroom, Ms. Rodriguez personalizes learning by creating work that is meaningful to individual students. This person-centered approach has been successful, even with the most challenging of students. As a transition specialist, she works with students, parents and state agencies on opportunities for post-secondary job training and day programs. Please join Gompers in congratulating Luz on this well-deserved honor. Click on the link below to watch Luz’s award video

Gompers Rocks Core Words

Gompers Private School Assistive Technology (AT) team kicked off the school year with a core word of the week program called: Gompers Rocks Core. Core words are the 50-400 words that make up most of what we say in typical conversation and writing. By giving emergent speakers and AAC learners quick access to these core words, Gompers is providing them with a powerful tool to communicate what they want to say rather than relying on others to infer what they want to say.

This is a site-wide, collaborative approach to increase exposure to each word across various settings and in natural contexts, which aligns with natural language development.